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November 4th, 2011

Goals and Gratitude – Day 13

Air Canada at YVR

November 4, 2011

Goal: Today, my focus is to maintain my schedule. I have a very tightly booked series of meetings, phone calls, places-to-be, etc., that includes getting LM to the seaplane terminal on time for her flight and me to YVR on time for mine (The reason for these flights? See Gratitude below). Today’s schedule is a house of cards, and with one false move the whole thing tumbles to ground.

Gratitude: First, let me apologize for missing yesterday’s post, and here’s my excuse – I plumb FORGOT! It was a Thursday. I don’t usually work outside the home on Thursdays, but yesterday I did. On top of that, I learned yesterday morning that my mom and I need to make an emergency trip to Alberta, TODAY, to visit my Uncle, who is badly injured and currently in the hospital, and the rest of my family who still reside there. In the commotion of trying to work, to book flights and a hotel and a car, to make arrangements for LM, to make sure my DH changed his plans, and to manage all of the usual things that happen in my world on Thursdays, blogging went out the window. I am very grateful that things are not worse – they easily could have been – and that I have the resources and support to make a last minute trip possible. I am grateful that I can be there with my mom. This will be very hard for her.

Update from Day 11:  The good news is that Wednesday was fantastic. LM: Suitably impressed, and what’s better, one of my students had a problem with her model, so LM volunteered to help the student out. Not only was she proud of me, I was ever-so proud of her!