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June 26th, 2010

My Journey to Contentment

“Cafe Americano?” I ordered, with more of a question than a statement, when the waiter tossed his long, deep-brown hair and turned his brooding Gaelic features in my direction. We, my mother, daughter, husband and I, were seated at a table at Chez Janou, a side-walk bistro in the Marais district of Paris, and I was suddenly filled with regret at my decision to drop French 101 in favour of yet another junior philosophy class. All around us people hustled down narrow, cobble stone streets, gesturing madly with a speed that was surpassed only by their speech, while the smell of French cuisine intoxicated our senses and our desire to just sit and people-watch intensified. In perfect Francaise, my Little Miss placed her order, beaming with pride at the french language skills she has acquired at such an early age, knowing that her ability in this regard will forever trump mine. The sky was grey and the breeze cool for June in Paris, but none of this mattered. I was with my family and we were in Europe, together. I was content.

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