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October 27th, 2011

Goals and Gratitude – Day 5

October 27, 2011

Goal: I mentioned yesterday that I’m heading to a three-day, work-related conference. That’s Thursday, Friday and Saturday folks, which means two nights and three days away from LM. Confession: Even now (she’s 14) separation of this kind feels a little strange to me. I wonder, Will I ever get over my attachment issues? But the hyper-attached, over-protective-mom, side-of-me be damned, I have work to do when I’m there so work I shall. My goal is to network, network, network. Did I mention I plan to network? Networking is on my agenda. But because a goal should be measurable, I need some specifics. Therefore, my plan over the next three days is to establish 1o new, strategic, contacts. In the interest of  über-clarity on the matter, I’m not talkin’ the “Hi-how’s-the-chicken?” kind of contact that often develops when two strangers, who just happen to work in overlapping industries, are thrown together at a conference banquet dinner laid out in a re-configured meeting room located in a modest hotel lost somewhere in Suburbia. What I am aiming for are smart, useful interactions with connections that I can leverage. I will provide business cards as my proof, should it be required. By the way, I will also be maintaining my daily blog posts.

Gratitude: I am grateful for all of the family that has pulled together, or offered to pull together, to help with LM while I’m gone. Family rocks!

Update on Day 4 – I got through it, with very few battle scars, and I actually feel a little bit better. My Dad’s surgery was postponed, which is hard for him but might just mean that I can be there when the real time comes, so I’m okay with that. All in all, today was not as bad as I had anticipated (honestly, it never is). On a side note, the patience I was able to muster on Day 3 toward those annoying, ridiculous, mind-blowingly bad drivers that flock by the hoards to the Vancouver streets – and you know who you are – went straight OUT THE WINDOW!