Occasionally  I am contacted by public relations companies or representatives for various products to test and review and even promote their products. The prospect of writing for someone about something other my self is often appealing. But there is dissension amongst bloggers, and in particular amongst “Mommy Bloggers”, which is a term I accept but find somewhat off-putting, regarding whether or not writing reviews is, in the words of Martha Stewart, a “Good Thing”. You see, generally, we do it for free. Yes, this means that the time we spend testing these products, our expertise in our chosen fields, the audiences we have built and our experience as writers, all goes uncompensated. Some argue that if we all, collectively, refused to ‘give away the farm’, companies would have to pay for our services, because what they are essentially receiving is free advertising. The upshot: Collective refusal would benefit all bloggers. They may have a point.

However, even in the heat of the debate, product reviews continue flow with or without me, so I thought ‘What the heck! Why not give it a go?’ I have gone over to the dark side, at least for now. I reserve the right to change my mind.

So in the interest of full disclosure, ’cause disclose is what I tend to do when I write, you should know that the products reviewed here are received for free. I have to have them in my possession in order to test them and therefore write about them, so they are sent to me from the manufacturer or a distributor at no charge. Hence, the second issue with reviewing. Some bloggers claim that it is impossible to be impartial when you have been gifted a product. But rest-assured my friends, my impartiality comes at a much higher price. I firmly believe that my objectivity is in no way compromised. I have a job to do, I need the product to do it, and I will be honest with my findings. If you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I’m all about brutal truth. My reviews are no exception. So without further adieu, on with my reviews!

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Products Reviewed

  1. Brother Label Makers

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