And Dine Out!

07/2013: Because I have several eating restrictions, dining out can be tricky. And yet, we do it all the time, highlighting the fact that most restaurants today have something to suit everyone. The restaurants noted here are those that I visit with primarily with my DH and LM, who have no dietary restrictions, so the feedback presented here is a compilation of all of our thoughts and experiences.


Our latest Vancouver restaurant obsessions, some of which may not be new to Vancouver, but are new to us:

Chewie’s Oyster Bar, Kitsilano – Oysters, fun service, and Man-alive can they pour a glass of wine!

Red Wagon Diner, East Hastings – Featured on Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives for a reason. Be prepared to wait in line, but they serve free snacks, like lemon-scented doughnuts, and ice coffee while you wait, so really, it’s all good!

Campagnolo Roma, East Hastings – Conveniently located right across the street from the Red Wagon, this place has THE best pizza, and Affogato, LM’s newest addiction

Heirloom, West 12 Ave – Serving delicious vegan fare in a nice room, underlining the fact that Vegans, too, like to dine in style

Foundation, Main Street – Fun, kitschy, and vegetraian

Oldies but goodies, favourites of ours that have been around forever:

Tojo’s, West Broadway – Obviously!

Vij’s, West 11th Ave – Of course!

The Naam, West 4th Ave – A fixture in Vancouver since forever, I still love it, but be prepared for slower service, a line-up on weekend mornings, and poor air ventilation, but good, healthy food

The Galley Patio and Grill at the Jericho Sailing Centre, Jericho Beach – It’s cafeteria-style, the food is pretty good, the price is right, they are licensed, and you cannot beat the location!

OFF OUR LIST: Disappointments, closures, and other reasons we just won’t go there anymore

Nuba, West Broadway – I used to love this place, but a recent visit here was disappointing. I went specifically for the Cauliflower appetizer, which I usually adore, and it was sooooo disappointing. Bitter. Soggy. Brown. Ugh! They may be entirely off the lost, but they are for sure on waivers.

Cafeteria, Main Street – Sadly, one of my favourite places to dine, Cafeteria┬áhas been sold and is no more. Schucks! They had the BEST roasted chicken EVER. The other restaurants owned by this group – Pied-A-Terre, The Sardine Can, and La Buca – are still open, and serve great food, but it’s just not the same.

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