Just Breathe

07/2013: Yoga Teacher Training Complete! I am now a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance (RYT  200). Woot! Woot!

03/2013: It’s official. Yoga teacher training begins for me in a just days. Check out my thoughts here: http://theknowitallmom.com/2013/04/yoga-teacher-training/

01/2013: My plan for 2o13 is to become a certified yoga instructor. I have been practicing yoga for many years now, and I find that yoga is the absolute best way for me to stay grounded. My journey to becoming a Yoga Master, which I say with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, won’t be pretty. I am not a lithe, twenty year-0ld vegan with flowing hair and layered beads and a sing-song chanting voice. Still, it’s on my bucket list. I will keep you posted.

Until then, here’s one from the archives. It’s a little story about a life lesson I learned from a yoga teacher and my Little Miss, several years ago: http://theknowitallmom.com/2010/05/expand-the-harmonious/. Namaste.

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