Valentine’s Day Recap

Happy Valentine's Day

I know: I am a day late. Valentine’s Day was yesterday. The champagne has been drunk, the chocolates consumed, cards exchanged, romantic evenings concluded.

In my defense, I waited until today to write this post deliberately. I wasn’t really sure what Valentine’s Day held in store for me this year, so I just didn’t know what to say. Here’s my recap:

My Darling Husband, my DH as I typically refer to him, is away on business most weeks from Monday through Friday, sometimes Sunday through Friday. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Tuesday, I was all but certain he would not be home. I envisioned our Valentine’s Day plans encompassing the ritualistic, long-distance, ‘Good morning‘ and ‘Good night‘ daily phone calls, a few “Miss you” texts throughout the day, followed by a be-lated glass of wine and exchange of ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ wishes when he returned at the end of the week. I was wrong.

DH re-arranged his schedule to be here, which is no small feat, and I am sure he is paying for it in workload today. While dinner plans were not possible—a 9:00 pm flight for him, compounded by LM’s activity schedule, complicated things—but a very nice lunch (cooked by me: Trout Meuniere, Black Quinoa Pilaf, roasted butternut squash, green salad), accompanied by a glass of Prosseco, fit the bill perfectly. As it turned out, LM was home sick with a head cold/flu (14 years as a parent and I still can’t tell the difference!), so we celebrated as a family, which is the way the three of us tend to do most things anyway.

During the day, DH and I got some very stressful news. News that compounded an already difficult situation. It is times like these when flowers and chocolates and extravagant gestures are rendered completely void of any meaning, and you realize just how lucky you are to have someone with whom to share your life. Someone who makes it his sole focus to care for and support and love you.

Many people are cynical about Valentine’s Day, believing it to be a construct of the associated greeting-card/flower/chocolate/jewellery/restaurant industries, all of which are cleverly in cahoots to create a mid-February spike in sales. Maybe. And I know that, for some people, in particular for those without a special someone to celebrate with and wishing otherwise, Valentines Day can be a reminder of loneliness, loss, even regret. Finding that perfect someone is hard, I should know. I have had my own false start. When you do find them, treasure it, and tell them.

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