My Clean Slate

My 2012 clean slate

If you have been following my Tweets of late—and if you haven’t, Tsk!Tsk!, you can follow me on Twitter by clicking—you will know that I have been suffering from the January Doldrums. This is an affliction I fall victim to every year, after the family-and-friends-and-fun-filled extravaganza of the holidays comes to an anti-climatic end, and I am left to pack the twinkly lights and glitter-covered ornaments into their dusty, cardboard cases, stashing them away in a dingy basement corner, along-side other forgotten relics like tattered yearbooks and the figure skating medals I won when I was ten, until the hype and anticipation of the holidays returns next year and they re-emerge to assume their rightful glory. To quote myself, circa January 3, 2012:

The January doldrums are here. It only took 3 days. Missing Little Miss (school), Darling Husband (away on work), friends and family. Rainy day. Head cold. Blah.”

That pretty much sums up my mood. If I had had the space, I would have added a sad face, just for effect.

And yet, here I am, two days later, updating my blog, editing not one but two guest blogger submissions, writing again, and generally getting busy. Doldrums or not, a new year also brings a new set of goals, desires, obligations, and a renewed sense of zeal. I begin this year blissfully unemployed. The contract that pulled me away from my blog, that interrupted my yoga practice, that all but eliminated lunch dates with friends, that interfered with family time, and that generally invaded way, W-AAAY too much of my head-space, is now over. Done. Finito. Complete. I am free. I feel like I have been handed early parole for good behaviour, and I cannot take it for granted.

And so, my friends, with my head cold lingering and the Doldrums temporarily at bay, I wish you a very Happy New Year. I am raising my favourite old coffee mug, one quarter full with luke-warm coffee, to toast all of you, and to celebrate an up-coming year of many unknowns, ‘lots of opportunity, and a clean slate upon which I can create whatever I want. Cheers!

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