Goals and Gratitude – Day 10

November 1, 2011

Goal: I have been very happy to return to blogging on a regular basis, and my thirty day Goals and Gratitude gig is keeping me on track. But daily blogging does not mean writing, and by writing I am referring to something more than mini-updates on my life which may or may not have significance to anyone else but me. So the goal I am setting for myself today is to write something meaningful over the next week and post it by Day 17. So much has happened over the past year, I have A LOT of food for fodder, I just need to sort through it all and decide where to begin. Pen on paper, fingers on keyboard – usually that’s the best starting point.

Gratitude: I am grateful that I have the opportunity to make choices. This occurred to me just now as I sit writing this post, trying to come up with one more thing to be grateful for. We don’t generally ask ourselves this question on a regular basis, and once you get past the standard responses – family, friends, health, sunshine, etc. – daily reflection forces you to look a little deeper. Like everyone else in the world, I have work to do, chores to do, the responsibilities of a family, and a house, and a job, and all that my life entails, but I still have the choice to take the time to write this blog post. I could work. I could make my bed, which I will do as soon as I finish this. Some of us are bed-makers, some of us aren’t: I AM (by choice). I could go for a walk, head to a yoga class, or meet friends for lunch. I could shop for groceries, watch TV, read a book, or take a very desireable nap. I can make small choices like these, or I can make some REALLY big ones: Should I go back to school, adopt a foreign baby boy, quit my job and become a yoga instructor? Whatever happens, today, until 3:15 PM, I can do whatever I want to do, and with a little conviction and the willingness to take a chance, I can do whatever I want with the rest of my life. That, my friends, is a very nice feeling.

Update From Day 9: Yes, routine has set back in, which, while a bit hum-drum, it is also quite nice to be back to the same old, same old. Schmoozing at conferences does not come easily to me – truth be told, I find it terribly draining – so returning to the role of full-time mom/part-time career woman suits me well. I didn’t get too many trick-or-treaters last night, two to be exact, but they were such nice young boys they were worth fifty rowdy hooligans.

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