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October 31st, 2011

Goals and Gratitude – Day 9

October 31, 2011

Goals: It’s Monday – Ughh! – and today I just need to get back into the swing of things. Routine, routine, routine.

Gratitude: Halloween has never been my favourite time of year, even as a child. But as I get older, I appreciate it more. It will be nice to look forward to an evening of  excited little children at my doorstep. Happy Halloween everyone!

By the way, if you’ve been following along with my daily posts, you may have noticed a missing Day 8. Sorry, but it was Sunday, I had just gotten home from being away and I missed my family. LM, DH and I had brunch, made home-made pistachio macarons (tricky!), carved jack-o-lanterns (see above), watched movies, and completed our halloween prep. LM is dressing as Kate Middleton, and we needed one last item to pull it together. Anyway, it just wasn’t a day to blog folks, but it sure was nice. :)

October 29th, 2011

Goals and Gratitude – Day 7

Georgio and Mikey

October 29, 2011

Goal: Today’s goal is simple – To wrap up what needs to be wrapped up and to GO HOME! I am a home-body at heart. The conference has been great, but I want to go home.

Gratitude: On a related note, I am ever-so grateful that I get to GO HOME today. I need to see my DH, who I haven’t seen since last weekend and who, for a moment, I thought I might have lost yesterday; and my LM, because I don’t go many days without seeing her and I need to check-in; and even my two cats, just because they are part of the family.

Update from Day 6: To quote myself from Day 1, I did it!

October 28th, 2011

Goals and Gratitude – Day 6

October 28, 2011

Gratitude: I am starting with the gratitude portion of my little game today, because when the Universe brings you this kind of stuff, you need to stop and acknowledge. So Thank you, Universe, for not letting my husband be on the plane that crashed yesterday just outside of YVR. My DH happened to be flying into the very same airport, around the same time, and when I heard about the crash my world stopped. Everyone on board was sent to the hospital with varying degrees of injuries. The pilot just died this morning. I am so very sorry for everyone who was involved – my thoughts are with them and their families – and so very blessed that we are not among them. I am also grateful for the kindness of strangers, for the innocent bystanders who rushed to save the individuals involved.  Here’s a link to read more:

Goal: This seems a bit petty given recent events, but I am hoping to be elected to a Board of Directors position this evening. There are seven people running for three vacancies. To say that I am the dark horse in the race is a monumental understatement. I am running against individuals far more well-known in this industry than I. The fact that I am here by myself, all alone, whereas my opponents have each come with posse’s from their organizations to support them, does not bode well for me. But, I am in it to win it! So today my goal is to continue to meet people, to show that I am a committed, skilled individual willing to get the job done, and to hopefully get a few votes. (Just enough for that third spot would be nice!)

Update from Day 5: Many connections made, seven business cards to show for it, and I still have two days to go.

October 27th, 2011

Goals and Gratitude – Day 5

October 27, 2011

Goal: I mentioned yesterday that I’m heading to a three-day, work-related conference. That’s Thursday, Friday and Saturday folks, which means two nights and three days away from LM. Confession: Even now (she’s 14) separation of this kind feels a little strange to me. I wonder, Will I ever get over my attachment issues? But the hyper-attached, over-protective-mom, side-of-me be damned, I have work to do when I’m there so work I shall. My goal is to network, network, network. Did I mention I plan to network? Networking is on my agenda. But because a goal should be measurable, I need some specifics. Therefore, my plan over the next three days is to establish 1o new, strategic, contacts. In the interest of  über-clarity on the matter, I’m not talkin’ the “Hi-how’s-the-chicken?” kind of contact that often develops when two strangers, who just happen to work in overlapping industries, are thrown together at a conference banquet dinner laid out in a re-configured meeting room located in a modest hotel lost somewhere in Suburbia. What I am aiming for are smart, useful interactions with connections that I can leverage. I will provide business cards as my proof, should it be required. By the way, I will also be maintaining my daily blog posts.

Gratitude: I am grateful for all of the family that has pulled together, or offered to pull together, to help with LM while I’m gone. Family rocks!

Update on Day 4 – I got through it, with very few battle scars, and I actually feel a little bit better. My Dad’s surgery was postponed, which is hard for him but might just mean that I can be there when the real time comes, so I’m okay with that. All in all, today was not as bad as I had anticipated (honestly, it never is). On a side note, the patience I was able to muster on Day 3 toward those annoying, ridiculous, mind-blowingly bad drivers that flock by the hoards to the Vancouver streets – and you know who you are – went straight OUT THE WINDOW!

October 26th, 2011

Goals and Gratitude – Day 4

Nectar of the Gods

October 26, 2011 – Day 4

Goal: Oy! Today is going to be one of those days. I am feeling blah. Under the weather, tired, overwhelmed. I simply have too much to do. I leave town tomorrow for a three day conference and I need to prepare and pack; I am working today and have a jam-packed schedule of staff meetings, telephone calls, and deliverables due; LM has after school activities that require me to assume my role as Chauffeur; and to top it all off, it is garbage day. Yuck. My goal is, quite simply, to just get through it, to put my head down, focus, and put one foot in front of the other until it is finished. And there is one other noteworthy event today: My father is having his second surgery of the year, and I can’t be there for him, nor for my mother while she waits. Thinking of you both.

Gratitude: Thank God for coffee. Sweet, hot, delicious coffee. I ♥ you. And related, to the powers-that-be at Starbucks, who had the presence of mind to place a Starbucks coffee shop right next door to the post-secondary school I am running, all I can say is “Kudos!” Job well done. I ♥ you, too.

Update from Day 3: Halloween, √; Paper work, almost there; Patience, I did pretty darn good.:)

October 25th, 2011

Goals and Gratitude – Day 3

The view from my desk

October 25, 2011 – Day 3

Goal: To finish what I started yesterday – PAPERWORK  - and to exercise more patience, especially when it comes to crazy, distracted, painfully slow DRIVERS!!! Truth be told, they can make me just a tad BERSERK. I’d also really like to finish shopping for LM’s Halloween costume, which means a lot of driving around to source out particular items, which means my patience for other drivers will be truly tested. Lord, give me strength!

Gratitude: Today, I appreciate the sunny, blue-skied, beautiful fall day that awaits just outside the window at my desk. It is filled with vibrancy and colour (colour to which the iPhone photo to the left does not do justice), and the fact that I have a job that allows me the freedom and the flexibility to have a career and still be a mom (a mom who, today, needs to dedicate a little time to Halloween).

And by the way, the answer to yesterday’s dilemma, as posted on The Know It All Mom on Facebook - late night or early morning catch-up session – was, drum roll please…neither! Hence, the first part of today’s goal. :)

October 24th, 2011

Goals and Gratitude – Day 2

My Apple

I am in rush folks, so I’m gonna make this quick!

Yesterday’s goals – check! I will update that post later with details, but mission accomplished!

Day 2, October 24, 2011

Goal: To finish the paperwork hanging over my head since August! (Or at least make a serious dent in it.)

Gratitude: I am grateful for the tree in my back yard, which we thought was dead when we moved into this house last October, but which isn’t dead at all. Not only is it alive, it turned out to be a very old, very pretty apple tree. After years of neglect it has produced only one apple, but it is one glorious apple that I can’t wait to pick.

October 23rd, 2011

Goals and Gratitude – Day 1

On October 20th, I tweeted on @theknowitallmom, “Today’s Goal: Drink more water. Simple, measurable, achievable.” And I did it. Earth-shattering? No. But still, it needed to be done.

On October 19th, I posted on my Facebook page my pending return to yoga, believing that if I put it out into the Universe I would be moved to do it, and on October 20th, I did it. Again, nothing too lofty, but it made a difference to me.

So in the interest of continuing this achievement-oriented, just-move-forward pattern of behaviour, I’ve decided to chronicle my daily triumphs and tribulations in a series of posts called Goals and Gratitude. My plan is to catalogue the tasks that I want to accomplish, ranging from the mundane (as above) to the sublime (at least to me, just wait and see!). Akin to this, I want to take some time to recognize those things already in my life for which I am most grateful. My commitment to you, Readers, and to myself, is to update it EVERYDAY for 30 days. At the end, I will write a summary of what I have accomplished and what it all means.

Day 1, October 23, 2011

Goal: Move my body, sweat a little, eat more protein. Hey wait: That’s two goals. Ambitious plans for the first day!

Gratitude: I am grateful for the sleepy-eyed, good morning hug from my Little Miss, still warm from her bed, and for the fact that at 14 she’s still happy to see me in the morning. And since I have stated two goals, another expression of gratitude is due: I am grateful for my Darling Husband, who left home at 5:00 AM on this Sunday morning for a conference in New Orleans, and who now, as I write this, just called to say that he is waiting stand-by in LAX, delayed by five hours and re-routed through Chicago, all because his first flight out of Vancouver was late and he missed his connection. He works so hard and sacrifices so much, all for this nice life that we live, and we miss him.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 2 of Goals and Gratitude, to see if, in the words of Britney Spears, “I did it”  again, and for my next aspiration and expression of thanks.

October 20th, 2011

My Very First Guest Blogger: Welcome, Dan Gilbert from Primrose Schools

I mentioned in my last post that one of the reasons I have re-embraced the blogging world is because I was contacted by someone reaching out to promote Bethenny Frankel, which is really quite fun for me because: A) She’s a kitschy celebrity who is my guilty pleasure to follow, B) I was flattered that her representative liked my blog enough to use it to promote her, and, on a more humble note, C) despite the limited activity from my end, someone actually found my blog and read it, and that deserves a nod of thanks. So, in the interest of giving nods-of-thanks where they’re due, welcome Dan Gilbert from Primrose Schools. Not only did he find me on-line, he thought enough of my blog to ask to be my first guest blogger, and that is pretty cool, too!

Dan writes about the educational value of learning to cook. His article speaks to parents with slightly younger children than I typically write for – my Little Miss just turned 14! However, I like it because Little Miss and I have always cooked together and we still do, and I believe that the value of kitchen-time, shared with family and friends, is not age-dependent. read more »

October 18th, 2011

Life Lessons from Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel with Skinny Girl Margaritas - Yum!

I have a secret… Somewhere, way, deep, deep down, in my heart of hearts, I believe that Bethenny Frankel and I are soul-mates. Given the opportunity for a chance meeting, I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we would quickly and forever bond over our many shared interests: fashion, yoga, cocktails, and of course, our families. My new BFF and I would chit-chat late into the night like long-lost old friends, all the while sipping Skinny Girl Margaritas, my convenience cocktail of choice, which I discovered this past summer on holiday in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California (the heart of wine country), when the thought of another Zinfandel, as delicious as they are in those parts, just didn’t cut it. Ahhh, the Skinny Girl over ice, savoured while sitting in the sun with the Russian River floating by… But I digress. Anyone who has read my blog in the past knows that I have been absentee over the past year or so. I took on a part-time contract – you know, a day-job, career-oriented kinda’ thing – that ballooned into something all encompassing. I have lost all balance. No writing. No yoga. Sadly, no fun. But then, just the other day, like a beacon calling to me from out of the blue, I received an email from…you guessed it….Bethenny Frankel! Okay, not her exactly, but someone in her PR camp. And because of our destined-to-be-friends-forever-starting-someday-in-the-not-too-distant-future relationship, I thought I would pass the link they sent me along to all of you. It reminded me not only to find a little time for yoga, but for all of those things I love that I have let slide, like this blog. So please, pour yourself a glass of Skinny Girl and check out the following link, and then step away from the computer, like I plan to do, and go do something for yourself that you haven’t done in far too long.