Coming from a Place of Yes

One morning a little while back I’m watching The View (don’t scoff), which I do more often than I care to admit because when I’m at home, writing and working all by my lonesome, sometimes I like a little banter in the background to keep me company. Whoopi, Barbara, Sherri, Elisabeth and Joy serve as my co-workers, gossiping at the water-cooler over coffee break, whilst I try ever-so-diligently to compose my thoughts. It’s my version of The Office. So on this particular day the co-host seated on the couch with the gals, trying to squeeze a word in edgewise, is Bethenny Frankel. Name doesn’t ring a bell? Clearly, you are not up on your reality TV. You know, Bethenny Frankel, of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, The Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married?. (Just how many TV shows can I throw into one paragraph? Apparently, five. Remember my goal to watch less TV? Situation critical.) Anyhooo, Bethenny was talking about her rise from her dysfunctional past to her current celebrity status as reality-star, cum diet-and-fitness guru, cum author. In the process, she said this: I have had to learn to come from “A Place of Yes“. Which also happens to be the title of her latest book. I haven’t read it.

4 Comments to “Coming from a Place of Yes”

  1. great advice… I am trying to say yes more often, though it hasn’t occurred to me to go extreme vespa-ing…

  2. I think we might be sisters from a past life or something. I tried to become a bit of a dare devil back in my 20s – my feat – I did all the roller coasters at Canada’s Wonderland. Ziplines and vespas – no way!!!!

    I am the balance to my “look after you step off the side of a moutain” husband. So hopefully our son will come out somewhere in between.

    • Hi Tracy, You could be my new “saying yes” idol. I couldn’t ride a roller coaster to save my life. Oh wait! That’s sounds like a “No”. Might have to hit Wonderland when I’m in TO this fall. As the Irish say, “SHITE!”

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